Friday, September 12, 2008

Damn You Vundo!!

Damn you Vundo!!

This morning as i tried browsing..i couldn’t open almost anything! at first i thought, this must be some Trojan since i scanned my system with removeitpro and it did identify one dll file that was infected, so i tried deleting it manually but it wouldnt budge. for like 3 hours i tried to repair my browser, and finally help came!! i went to this site where it taught me how to remove it manualy and IT DID!!! it was the freaking TROJAN!!!

here are the symptoms so if anyone of you are experinecing any of these symptoms, it could possibly be a visitor..VUNDO Trojan!

This effects both IE and Firefow and also opera, the only one it doesnt effects seems to be SAFARI but that takes up a huge amount of memory i hear.

ok here the symptoms of the Vundo Trojan

# i could acess google but i couldnt search would just keep on searching…never ending

# Yahoo, Friendster, Facebook, WordPress all wont open, it says that sites with high traffic will be the most effected

# in IE sometimes it wont load anything at all.

dun worry though, heres the solution, its very easy to follow so dont fret ok!

if u want the easy one well here the program..i dont if it worked, some said it pick ur choice :P

heres some facts about VUNDO

add a wig to that guy above and thats exacty how i must have looked like today hahahah

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