Friday, September 12, 2008

Gossip girl season 2!!

“Summer, Kind of Wonderful”

I’m a really really big fan of Gossip girl and i just watched it today after my download finished, and what can i say..! it was so so not disappointing! Om my gawd, i really love this first episode! i watched the new 90210 online yesterday and it paled in comparison to Beverly Hills 90210 first 2 episode, i’ll blog about that later haha. so im goona blog about the entire episode..well the important parts anyway, i think this season is all about chuck and balire and i lurve it to bits!


The episode started off with some flashbacks from the previous season, and then here comes Nate with a familiar looking blond..making out in the car in broad daylight! my relief..phew.. a BIG wasn’t serena I’d hate it if they went round and round with the same hookups and story lines..and I’m glad they didn’t!

then came my adorable Chuck Bass surrounded with 3 ”I’ve nothing else to do but take my top off” bimbo girls..argh! he receives a text messages from gossip girl about Blair whom he stood up ..why o why…and his expression if guilt had came knocking on his door.

i dont mean to be mean but theres something really annoying with the way one of the topless girls speaks his name hahaha.

the next scene, we see serena just hanging out by herself, loved her beach wear by the way, and its obvious she’s still missing Dan..

suddenly Dan comes up and he’s playing tonsil hockey with someone.. a brunette..but wait a minute.. this isn’t the DAN we know! Dan is this sweet perfect boyfriend we all came to know n love..hope this side of him isn’t here to stay for long..Dan a player? pretty hard to take in haha

skip a few minutes, Chuck is getting ready to greet Blair, and Serena wishes him ” Goodluck on your suicide Mission..”

so there he is, i mean, Chuck, waiting for Blair to come down from the bus, with flowers in his hands and his heart in the other, he smiles hoping that he could make up for ditching her, she smiles back and then turns around and kiss O.O. a new guy!!

and then she gives him dat ”payback time” smug on her face and Chuck walks away..defeated..

” Aint Karma a Bitch? We know Blair Waldorf is..” love dat sentence haha

anyway, skip to some of my fave scene, was when Chuck saw the Pin that was hanging from James sleeve, and knowing how imprtant that pin was to her, walked away and Blair went after him. tears formed in her eyes as she answere”i do” to Chucks question weather James meant as much as Nate did to her back then.. awww…

Skip a few scenes, Nate ran into Serena while she was in the car with her lifeguard date, half naked..

What suprises me here is that Serena’s grandma hs somehow found d ”light” and is now encouraging Dan to go after her..hmm…

So everyone is at the party..and before i go any further, i must say, Eric looks like he really has grown..he doesnt look like a kid anymore :P ok this isnt a god shot of him…anyway…

in the party, Serena offered to help Nate make his gf jealous by snogging him in public while Dan watches them just a few feet away, this really caught Serena offguard..and he walks away angry.

but then the 2 girls that Dans been fooling around shows up. y are they there in d first place..i have no idea…and throws their drink on now..they’re equal..ha!

U can guess the rest..right :) give u a hint..well i gave one already..the smiley??! hahah

anyway, here’s my fave part..i skipped a few scene coz the one scene tha i really wanna write is the last part where Chuck tries to stop Blair from leaving With her new britsh guy.

B: chuck, aren’t you done destroying my night
C: look, i should have never abandon you.i knew i made the wrong decision versince ur plane took off,
distracted myself all summer hoping i wouldn’t feel it but i still do
B: n?
C: i was scared, scared that if we spent the whole summer together just us, you’ll see…
B: c wat?
C: me. please dont leave with him..
B: Why, give me a reason and I’m chuck bass doesn’t count
C:cause u dont want to
B: not good enough

C: cause i don’t want you too
B: its not enough
C: what else is there?
B: the true reason i should stay rite where i’am and not get in the car, 3 words eight letters, say it and im urs
C: I..I..
B: thank u, thats all that i needed to hear

and so she walks away and drives away with the british guy ive yet to remember his name hahaha

the episode ends with Serena and Dan together at the beach with the camp fire..oh what a great episode ..:)

i cant wait for next weeks episode to air and me downloading them!

P.s - wheres Vanessa??


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