Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazing around tudululu...

Yesterday evening, i was so bored, so i went out with my sisters camera to just see if i could get some accidental good shots ahahaha, trust me, im not good with angles, she is, but i did manage to catch some stuff around my house :P

Bebeh saying something to Bibon

Just some random editing haha

When the sun sets

The Dead tree in front of our house

A cactus we got from Papar haha

At the back of my house

My Bibon, i edited with cs3

Just something i found nice to focus at hahaha

Growing at the side of our road

My mum returning home from work and my dog Yilik being the traffic Officer haha

Can you see my mum Holding out her Peace hand? hahaha

A bug on our wall near the garage, my sis would freak out if she saw this

Yalik and Bebeh playing aroung, Yaliks the big bro always protecting little Bebeh. Boneys an outsider :P

there they are again

view from below our house and our balcony, we're very patriotic...well..we love Sabah n malaysia, just not the politicians hahaaha

Down down to the main road in my Kg

Wel thats all, i'll post some agan when im in d mood to catch some accidental good shots hahaha
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