Friday, September 12, 2008

Ms Britney Spears

Love her or hate her..unfortunately..I’ve learn to love her throughout all these years that i dont know how tu ”unlove” her haha. from my first my first was always her song that i turned to. a year ago..i was devastated to see her at her lowest point ever, the shaving incident..the umbrella bashing..the ambulance and of course who could ever forget..the 2007 MTV VMA?

But i’m happy to report that Britney has had her issues worked out, and from what I’ve seen, she’s been keeping a low profile ever since her dad took over.

Im just so so excited that she’s coming out with a new album and there’s one song where she collaborated with Justin!

im not a fanatic fan of hers, but i somehow..regardless of all the stupids stuff she did, still cant seem to hate her haha. i adore her actually..and although i don’t really know whats in her head..all i know is im always gonna be her supporter, truthfuly speaking..i dont think i can ever stop liking her haha.

Well heres 5 of my top Britney Music video

and my fave vide of all time goes to im a it every time..

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