Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reset Nokia's Security Code (3250)

Being a forgetful person, i should have known better not to meddle with my security number! so in the end i did forget what my lock code was, and i ended up not being able to use my nokia 3250 with any other sims. this happened back in April i think this year. so a few days before, i decided to try out this Dejan method to unlock it, so i spent a few hours reading everything that i needed to know to prepare myself for this task to try and reset my lock code..i bought the DKU-5 cable that it needed...thank goodness i didn't buy the one which cost about RM90++..instead i bought one for just RM20 in Chua Kah Seng hahaha. so i went on with it.. only to realize that... i was unlocking phones that was lock to other phone what happens in UK with T mobile i think...damn it!!!

so spent another few ours searching for other methods..and wallaaa.... i came across this forum and it was talking about resetting your security code using the nemesis service suite
with just your normal cable, but the steps didn't really work for me cause i keep on getting error. And then i came across this blog

i didn't keep my hopes up cause i keep on getting disappointed day by day, but when i finished doing the steps and i checked my nokia 3250, it was back to normal! i mean i think it was back to the 12345 code, cause when i turned it on the ''lock code'' didn't appear at all! i was so happy..freakishly happy!! mission accomplished!!
Anyone who wants
their nokia phone especially BB5 types security code reset just follow these easy steps on the blog above, trust me its that damn easy!

since I have a new phone..
I'm considering whether i should trade it in, but i get so emotionally attached to my stuffs..i don't think i will..well maybe not now :P

its says that it could reset all BB5
nokia model but i wont know for sure, but have a go, you'll never know right? taking it to Nokia Centre is just a waste of time and money anyway.

Oh ..and one more thing,
reformatting your phone wont make it go away, i did it 3x...the lock code would still be there :P
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