Friday, October 10, 2008

The notebook

Have you seen this movie? i know its been out ages already but my friend mentioned this the day before and i went gaga over it all over again haha. i always watch this movie mabye once or twice a year hahaha. i dont think i'll ever get bored with it :D i first read the novel by Nicholas spark in LMC and i was so hooked. and then the movie came out and i went literally crazy over it!

i love love Rachel Mcadam and Ryan Gosling, and they're still together as a couple too! oh the sweet taste of first sure everyone still remembers 'that' first love that had a big impact on them! my first would always stay in my heart, just because it was the sweetest memory i ever had...for now :P

I just downloaded the full ost, so heres where i got it from :)

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