Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my top 10 fave love songs of all time..

Suddenly im in the mood to list down 10 of my fave love songs. i know there's tons of beautiful love songs out there, and grouping them all under one category wouldn't be fair cause you have the 80's type, 60's type, we have the love songs for a broken heart, love songs for the wedding, love songs for the person that ur into rite now..but if i were to list them into separate categories ..that would take a lot of time hahaha. even grouping this 10 songs is hard enough!

anyway here goes..i try to list them in order...

number 10 goes to..

How can I not love you by Joy Enriquez i think i fell in love with this song in 2000 when i was just 15 :P


Unbreakable by Westlife
i think i first heard this song when i was 17 in 2002.


You've got a way by Shania Twain
this song was for an old flame whom i still have a good rship with.


Falling into you by Celine Dion
who doesnt love this song..its so dreamy...


Closer to me by Five
this was from their last album i think. every night when this song was playing on the radio..i would immediately wake up! hahaah


Still By Brian Mcknight
this is probably my fave song from Brian McKnight. it brings back memories..good ones :P


Someone Like you by nsync
who didnt like these kinds of music when u were a teenager hehe. i love nsync and this is probably my fave nysnc love song of all.


Did you ever love somebody by Jessica Simpson
i used to really love her music when she first came i dont even bother :P


You're still you by Josh Groban
i cant help it! i swoon over his voice!!

and the number 1 spot goes to....

i could fall in love by the beautiful Selena

she deserves to have the top spot because i dont think i could ever stop listening to this song..and everytime i hear this song..i feel as though im in love..although of course im not :P

i didnt include japanese, korean, indon, malay songs. this is just strictly english songs. and i also didnt include old love songs..coz i think they deserve another list :P

now im gonna tag some of my blog members hehe!

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