Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Twisted limb Poo girl

I had always wondered if there was other cats that had the same condition as my cat poo girl does. we call her poo girl since she doesnt like to poo in her litter box haha. so i google it and sure enough there was! they call it twisted limbs, and i saw some other cases where it was much more severe then hers. since its her forelimbs that twisted she's still able to run around although she usually hops around like a little rabbit :P here are a few pics that i got from

this kitty above has the same twisted limb as my poo girl. she hops around whens she's tired. she's actually very active if you play with her. i usually tie a dead leave at the end of an unused rope and drag it around while she tries to catch it. i try not to get her too tired though. we weren't actually planning on getting her, but when our aunt gave us her brother, it somehow managed to run out of the house when we weren't home and my Bad Boney bite it to death. we were so our aunt gave us the sister...which i was relunctant at first cause i never took care of a ''special'' kitty before. and she was really diffrent from her brother who was yellow and really big. she was really quiet and small. my aunt said she had a hard time fighting for her mothers milk since she was the smallest and the weakest. this was her brother, rip dear kitty.
anyway, below is pictures of my poo girl, whom i really really love!! this first few pics was when she was just a little kity. she always had the same discharge in her left eyes since she was a baby, we just wiped it with wet tissue when it comes out. my aunt from the vet says its normal though and she's in great health.

Now she's all grown up and we already had her spayed. she doesnt like people, its only me, my sister and my mum who can cuddle her. she hisses at everyone else. we take her to sleep with us everynight in the room.
this is possum..walhotugh its a racoon we like to call it possum haha. we always play with her using this puppet. she loves to attack it!

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