Saturday, November 1, 2008

Someday korean drama

i love watching Korean drama's and I've seen a lot of different genres..but i prefer comedy romance type of drama;s more. right now I'm watching someday. i bought this drama when i was in KL a month ago and i really must say this didn't disappoint me at all. i haven't read about this drama anywhere before. i was sceptic at first whether i should buy it or not but i decided to take a risk since this production house also produced Alone in Love which i absolutely loved! and 2 of the actors were also from that drama.

this drama is about a half Korean-Japanese girl who works as a comic artist who goes back to Korea in search of her neighbour who took the ashes of a Korean man that died recently. with the diary of the Lady she begins to unravel the history between the old women and the old man. and along the way she falls in love with the tour guide who helps her in her drawings.

I'm only on episode 9 but i really like the pace and the the quotes. the one thing i don't like is the other guy whom i find really really annoying. i love the main guy, he acted in alone in love hehe.

I'm loving this drama :)
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