Monday, November 17, 2008

things we grew up with...awwww :)

i got this from an email, Looking back at this stuff makes me miss my childhood days even more.. love love keropok Tic Tac anyone remember them??

What we used to eat..

some kind of sweet drink bottled into cute shapes

biscuits with icing on top

Bubble gum - the foe of all primary schools

Mini chocolate snacks

Animal-shaped biscuits

mini chocolate snack with a small toy included in the box

bubble gum which the wrapper has a temp tattoo behind - just wet it with some water, paste on your hand and the 'tattoo' is there.... Until the next time you wash your hand :P

What we used to play..

Toy soldiers

playing card games

Sticker collection of our fav cartoons

In Malay, this is called 'guli' but in English its called 'marbles'

This is for the guys - toy guns!!!! :P

We take a piece of paper and fold it into the cute shape above, this can be used for guessing games etc



I have no idea what this is

some kind of toy which lets you send a spinning wheel FLYING into the air... usually comes with the mini chocolate snacks

Good old-fashioned card games!


What did we call this??? I cant remember... some kind of mini control game... note the 'FIRE' button and the 'L' and 'R' buttons for playing

One of my favs.... The mini penguins would be climbing up the stairs and come sailing down the slides... this is battery operated so my parents really regretted buying it for me!

Nobody can forget the 'yo-yo' phase!!!

Mario Brothers Atari games! I never managed to win ...

What we used to watch..

Some kind of cartoon which follows the Transformers concept

Dragon-Ball Z

Need I say more??? The remake into a movie was simply fab!

Japanese cartoon( doraemon) - abt the futuristic robot cat who could solve any problem in the world with his handy gadgets from the future

I love this one! The Smurfs cartoon!

Tom & Jerry is still a fav on Saturday mornings

Ninja turtles which brought the pizza-eating phase in Malaysia to a peak

Popeye the Sailorman - children still hate eating spinach even after watching this


What we used to have..

Cute erasers


I used this kind of pencil-case.... Brought a minimum of 10 sharpened pencils to my exams every time!

Erasers with flags - still sold in stores today

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