Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sailormoon Recovering addict

When i first saw the 2nd series of the Sailormoon comic books, i was instantly hooked! it was as if, i knew i was gonna love this story even when i only had it in my hand for a few minutes. not knowing what the story was, i simply handed out rm5 and it was mine! i was 11 at that time and it was my first time buying a different kind of comic books, other than Shin Chan and Doraemon hahahaha. I missed out on the first series coz i didnt know about it until i bought the second one. After i finished reading that one, i searched the whole dongonggon area looking for the first book. I didnt find any but a few weeks later, i saw it! it was a second hand one but i was more then satisfied!

my obsession with sailormoon was a bit scary though wahahhaha! i just had to have all the sailormoon stickers, books, posters i came across, and if i didnt or couldnt, i'd daydream about getting it!

when i was 12, i invented a princess name for myself, Princess Merlit! hahaha! and i even went as far as to brainwash my best friends that they had super powers! this stage of my life was seriously documented on my diary ahahahah!! i even wrote down what powers we each had...oh Lordy!

My mum bought me the 7th book and i was over the moon! my mum shone like an angel for buying me it! It sold out really fast u can understand my anguishness of not being able to run to the nearby stores and get it...right? hahaha! I carefully wrapped my comic books in see through plastic so they couldnt get wet. i also ordered 3 more to replace the other 3 which had gotten wet.
Anyway, when i reached 13 years old, hmm....nah..i think i was 14 when i finally managed to detach myself from the books and come down to my reality hahahaha. i even took a pic with all the sailormoon stickers on my bedroom wall, clutching 2 of my sailormoon books with a solemn face.. i dont know whats with the expression..and why was i wearing a baju kurung at that tme haha!

it took me a few years to finally let go all of the stickers..and get rid of my obsession haha. i tell you, it wasnt easy!
I still love the comic books of course, i just came to term with myself that its just a comic book. :p

These are all my sailormoon books, they still look brand new hahhahaha! anyway, i decided to read them all again, the last time i read it was in 2003. its been 5 years!

My fave covers were the 8th, 5th and 18th books :P

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