Friday, January 23, 2009

the 12 zodiacs...

I'm gonna post these cute graphics of the 12 zodiac signs..i got from this site

do you agree with what it says? Its just for fun...

Let me start off with Aquarians since im an aquarius..oh and so is Jan, Hector, Jason :P

Next is the sign of my friends...Jay and also my dad

Next is Cha...muchacha..

Next is Gasi...

Si Bayau a.k.a Edward and also the sign of my brother

My goooood fren Dof2 and sher

My frenz Tus2 and yug

My mum the libra

My big sister..and inot my childhood pal.oh and also Randy Pits :P

My lil sis..

And Gemini

And Sagi..cant think of anyone whose a sagi now hahaha

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