Monday, March 16, 2009


Finally, IELTS is over :P i stayed awake late for the last few days coz i was worried about my English. its been a while since i studied English so my vocab was a bit rusty haha! But actually, it was fine. it wasnt as hard as MUET was honestly, except when it was listening time, it hard 4 me to focus hahaha! the essay wasnt that hard either, it was about the benefits of studying abroad which of course ive read about countless of times. I was the first one for the speaking test, and my question was about my family, my house ...photograpy, i just blabbed on n on about anything that came to my head. i also described a pic of my grandparents on thier wedding day.

By 2.p.m we were finish so ...we headed back home :P

we went to have lunch at warisan square..i wanted kfc..she wanted the end we went to eat at ahicken rice shop which i didnt like :P

at 8 am i saw a korean women swimming..i miss swimming but the effect of sun burn on my skin is still visible..last time it took me about a ayear for it to completey

Looky looky we have a polka dot public telephone booth which i find cute though :P

the result will be out in 2 weeks, i cant wait! i hope ill be able to score a 7 though haha, but i need a 6 to be able to continue my studies in Australia, Fingers crossed!
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