Monday, May 25, 2009


I've recently developed a liking for climbing hills..well in bukit padang anyway, i got bored of jogging haha.

I only go during the weekend since cha is free, and because theres a lot of people around, you wouldnt think of anything turng out like one of those terror movies..wrong turn?


anyway, last saturday, when we were on the top, and we were going down, we decide to follow these 2 girls ahead of us. so we tried to catch up with them but..somehow we lost them. And as we walked and walked and walked..i realize that..this didnt seem right, i couldnt see anything below, it was all trees and trees and trees.

Noone was around in that area. I hesitated at first..not wanting to think we were lost. But i had to make a choice fast..go ahead to whereever it might lead us or run back..and it was getting dark already.

we decided to run was tiring but i didnt want to risk still being lost when it was getting dark already ahha.

Well we made it and i was so glad when i saw someone walking in the distance hahahahah! Im very poor with directions...should have known not to stray away..hahahahaa

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