Saturday, July 18, 2009


So ive been in perth for nearly a week now. I must admit, when i first arrived at the hotel that we were staying at, it felt really gloomy. And it was so cold, i didnt feel good. But the next day and the day after made me realized how lucky iam to be here :D

Perth is like sabah in a way because it isnt as buzy as london, and the surrounding feels homely. And what i like most about Perth is the beach and the easy transportation. I got lost the first day i took the bus alone, but with gps on my phone..i managed to come home..after 2 hours hahahahahah

the students at TAFE was actually very nice. much nicer then the people i met in the first few days of UMS orientation. Unlike my orientation in UMS where i felt completely out of place, i actually enjoyed it this time. Im a little reserved..and i think i need to change that a bit :P

Im staying at Inot's aunts house. And they are really friendly, its nice to be around sabahan..more over ones from ur own village :D

I walked around Fremantle today alone, while ilut went to work. I dont feel out of place and it was nice walking around clearin up my head. i dont have a camera yet hehe, maybe i will later on :D

i cant wait to start class on Monday, and im moving to a house just 10 minuts away from Tafe so..everythings good so far :P

Im gonna wait for Cha to come before we go for the Tarot reading :P

At the fremantle market

I like this tree :D
A street performer
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