Monday, April 12, 2010

The latest.. =)

So..i havent been updating in a while. my adsense has been disable hahahahahha! anyway, the past few weeks was ok. term 1 has finished, yippee yey yey! 3 more months then im off to kk even if it'll only be 2 weeks probably this time, it


Yesterday, me and ilut woke up at 5 am to go to the Kardinya market where we sold off junk from the house. it was fun though although its pretty clear we arent meant to be business pple, we practically just caved in to thier prices hahaha. but anyhow, even if we did get sunburn, snobbish neighbours and lack of sleep that morning, it was still FUN FUN FUN.

i went ice skating last Tuesday and even though it was fun, when i fell it FREAKING HURTS! i got a big bruise on my hips, and i didnt fall fact i cant even described how i fell. all i can say, i fell much much uglier than the one below.i could have even broken my neck. SERIOUSLY.

I think thats about it, oh and i bough an outfit from the market for 7 dollars, its really cute and its still in a good condition. Ill give it to goliwog, coz i think its suits her better haha!

so..thats whats been going on in my life for now :P

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