Friday, June 18, 2010

10 signs, are u or are u not over ur ex?

i copied this post from Sylviana Victoria Victor, coz there really is some truth to it  =P

10 Signs You're not Over Your Ex 

1. Everything reminds you of him~ HAHA
2.You're lashing out in public forums~DID THAT
3.You're overcompensating~ NOT REALY SURE
4.You have no interest in that dude giving you the eye~ SO TRUE
5.You compare everyone to him~ HAHAHA TRUE
6.You still cyber-stalk him... and all of his friends and relatives~ FOR ME IT WAS THE OPPOSITE, I MADE SURE I NEVER SAW HIS NAME EVER AGAIN.
7.You are unable to let go of your relationship mementos~ HMM NOT SURE
8.Seeing him still makes you go weak~ I DIDNT SEE HIM FOR A FEW YEARS, SO DUNNO BOUT THIS ONE
9.You harbour the secret fantasy that the two of you still have a future together~ EVERYONE IN MY SITUATION WOULD FEEL THIS WAY ANYWAY.
10.You're still intimate with him~ LOL..NO NO

10 Signs You're Over Your Ex

1. You don't feel homicidal when he starts dating someone else ~ lol TRUE, AND ITS A GREAT FEELING TO BE HAPPY FOR HIM WITH SOMEONE ELSE.
2. You feel no urgent need to return his phone calls, texts and emails~ TRUE
3. You are interested in other men~ TRUE
4. You now realize that a lot of his personality "quirks" were really annoying or lame~ HAHA, LOVE IS BLIND RIGHT
5. You consider your relationship a learning experience~ THIS IS REALLY TRUE. IM A BETTER PERSON BECAUSE OF IT.
6. You no longer blame him for everything~ USED TO BLAME EVERYTHING ON HIM
7. When you meet a new guy, you don't automatically compare him to your ex~ NO MORE
8. You think of yourself as a single person...not as someone who's just gotten out of a relationship~ HAHA B4 MY CURRENT BF..YUP
9. You truly feel that the relationship wasn't meant to be~ 2 YEARS LATER, I FINALLY BELIEVED THAT
10. You try to think of his middle name or phone number and can't recall it~ I COULD STILL REMEMBER THAT LOL

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