Friday, August 6, 2010

16.7 KM of walking to Perth cbd

Last week, im truly convince me and ilut are 2 crazy asian chix hahahhaha! http://www.emocutez.com

WHY DID WE WALK 16.7 KM IN A DAY? all started with bubble tea.
A new franchise was opened at Garden city, and it was only a DOLLAR each! we already went yesterday BUT...we are a greedy lot! we decided to get 3 bubble tea EACH this time haha! And when we reached there, we had KFC for lunch! we could never say no to can you?!! nothing can be compared to KFC..NOTHING!!

So anyway, we then then decided we should just walk to the city, and maybe stop over at Steves place. Actually, i think we felt really bad for buying 3 each and then eating KFC. HAHA!

the walk was actually quite nice and the weather was great. it wasnt too cold or windy or hot..
So we walked all the way to the took us i think a few hours, mabe 3 hours? then guess what... 
We felt bad..really bad, so we decied we might just walk from the city to Cannington station..we forgot..that 7km is actually quite a distance to walk to especailly when it was getting chilly and dark and i lost my freaking sweater at CALTEX gas station hahaha!

Our feet was worn out already, but it was getting we had to drag ourselves. in an hour and a half, we finally reached the train station, and we could barely walk hahaha. we were walking so slow, and we actually got into the wrong side lol.

when we reached Murcdoch Park n drive, we had to walk another 10-15 minutes just to reach home. we finally arrived at 8pm....

I love walking, i do, but i think i shouldnt overdo it next time. We're gonna follow the charity run, City to surf, and i cant wait!!

the culprits
i love my pedometer :D

Dead jellyfish which ilut desperately tried to revive hahaha :P
this was supa fun!
we reached the city!
heading back after KFC
It was getting dark quickly
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