Thursday, November 4, 2010

A song for all the cheaters

I adore Cheryl Cole and i really love her solo albums, and she's gorgeous too =P if i was gay, I'd totally be in love with her haha


I cried when I heard you were cheating
I cried when I said I was leaving
I cried when my heart stopped believing
But I'm all out of tears

Then I fell so weak
but I'm now so strong
so I wipe my face
and I just move on
my eyes are red, my cheeks are dry
singing my last goodbye

I cut off my hair
and I painted my toes
I sold all the diamonds
and burnt all your clothes

I'm never gonna cry again (x3)
Unless they're happy tears
Wooahh woooaahh wooahh
Unless they're happy tears

I bet you've been trying to call me
I blocked your number
so you couldn't phone
Don't wanted hear "Baby, I'm sorry"
You don't get to apologise

Cause I'm not weak
I'm now strong
You hurt me once
Your chance has gone

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