Friday, January 6, 2012

Our BFF Photoshoot with Linawa Photography

I finally got my hands on our recent BFF photoshoot pictures and they turned out awesome!

Linawa photography is owned by my sister and her husband. Having our BFF shoot was in me and my besties list of "Things we should do b4 everything sags" hahahaha. we came up with that list way back in 2004. So instead of paying someone else for the job, I figured, we'd be much more comfortable shooting with them, and anyway, if you saw their pics, you'd know we made the right decisions.

I had a great time shooting with them at their rented studio. They're planning to open up their own studio soon, and I'm sure, all their clients will leave with a satisfied smile. Anyway, here are our photos for that day :)

If you guys are curious about linawa, just head over to their site :)

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