Thursday, February 2, 2012

Movie obsessions

Everyone has an obsession with certain movies in their life. With mine, I have to have them in my lappy where i can just watch them and skip to the part where my heart would instantly go awww hahahaha.

Although i prefer blood and gore over almost any kind of movies that comes along, there are a few special romantic exceptions :) These movies knows its way on how to sink in its claws inside my heart haha.

Il mare
I love Il mare ever since i watched it a few years ago, and the soundtrack is one of the best for me. I listen to it everytime i need to sleep or just to have some peace of mind. The main actress is my fave korean actress from My sassy girl. I think she's perfect for any role hahahaha!
The Notebook

I read the novel before this movie came out, and I must say, they did a superb job in bringing both characters to life! The soundtrack was lovely too :)

A walk to remember

This movie converted me from being an anti Mandy Moore fan to a loyal die hard fan hahaha!! I was so desperate to watch this movie after seeing its trailer on MTV, we had to wait for a year before we finally got to see it. I was lucky enough to borrow the movie from my classmate in 2001.

Romeo And Juliet

 I only watched this movie a few years after it went out. I adore the song Kissing you by Desiree. Forbidden love is always a good excuse to bawl haha. 


No explanation needed hey? :P
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