Saturday, June 8, 2013

kinohimitsu J'pan bodyslen review

Okay, this is the first time Im doing a review on anything lol. I dont know why my hands were so itching to get this. So I bought it for RM89 at Watson. it is quite pricey for 6 bottles of block and burn and 4 bottles for the d'tox juice plum. But, I just had to try it.

I know I've said I don't believe in short cuts to slimming down. But back then, bear in mind, I wasn't cutting out those high calories food from my diet, and I wasn't doing any form of exercise. 

This is the first in a very long time.

I just bought it today and the instruction says that i need to drink the plum juice after dinner. Since Im on a oats for dinner plan for 2 weeks, I doubt there's much fat to block lol. i wanted to go all out and cut rice out from my diet, but I dont think i can, and i need the energy to study and do my runs. so Im only having oats for dinner and not for lunch or breakfast. My breakfast is usually half boiled eggs..yuumm!

so..i will update this entry day by day until complete it all. The problem is, I don't have a weighing scale. so ican really record how much weight i lost. but ill let the pictures decide..and my clothes.

I went back a week ago and I gained about 2 kg to my horror. fingers cross this will be a good aide to my weight loss target!

im too lazy to get a clear snapshot of it, but Im sure if you googled it, you can see it much better!


I decided to have half a can of baked beans and an omelette for dinner instead. and half hour later i took the d'tox juice. now im waiting for the effect lol.
Its been 3 hours since i drank it. hmm..all i can say is, it did manage to curb my cravings..or was it because i had coffee? did i need to go to the toilet? well..i cant really say coz i took a cup of wintea, which is another form of slimming/detox tea i've been drinking since forever and it always makes me wanna go to the loo. my stool on the other hand did came out pretty fast lol.


Before i continue, let me just say that my tummy was a bit active around 3am today, a bit of wind and some rumbling noises. I think that's the effect of the plum juice. i was too sleepy to go to the loo again and fell asleep lol.

For the second day, since i eat more during lunch compared to dinner, I decided to drink the first block and burn half hour before my meal. I cooked tomato chicken soup and bought 2 piece of fried bean curd. 

I don't know if that's the effect of the drink, but i was a bit stuffed by the time i finished my meal, and i couldn't even finish my second bean curd which i absolutely love. but then again, i did down a bowl of tomato soup and a cup of green tea.

I have been working out at least half hour of running everyday while I'm on this 7 day bodyslen challenge. I believe it helps with the weight loss in combination with some cardio and a good diet, but just having it alone, I have huge doubts.


Today, I decided to give my ankles some rest and do some swimming with my 2 mei meis. It was hot but a healthy tan wont depress me, weight gain surely does!

I had 2 soft boiled eggs in the morning before I left and it actually kept my  craving at bay. I did had 4 cheese filled crackers, but I wasn't really hungry for 5 hours after that. I know i shouldn't have skipped my lunch, but the crackers was enough for me.

 Now I just had another bottle before my meal. My housemates are treating me to a very nice dinner! They're such sweeties!

I feel abit lighter today, and my tummy isnt bloated as much. But my period just ended, so that might be the reason why, and also, I took Fujita Lactose which cleaned up my bowel thoroughly without fail. I felt abit sluggish and my pimples were popping out so I took one yesterday.

I think having a combination of them all is actually making me feel abit lighter :D

okay, so I had my dinner, and i took the d'tox half hour later. now nearly an hr later my tummy is rumbling and i think im gonna have a very fast number 2 soon. but thats about it.


It day 4 now, and I just took a bottle of block and burn before my dinner. I had curry with plenty of rice lol. It didn't manage to curb my hunger today. Or maybe I was just incredibly hungry after my 2 hour sleep. Last night after I took the d'tox plum, the same thing happen as expected. I didn't pass more than usual. All i can say, it gave me alot of wind lol. I skipped any form of exercise today as its my rest day..ok..I was lazy haha. Ill workout out tomorrow at the gym. I miss lifting weights!

I do feel less bloated and i feel some of my pants feel abit comfortable to wear. But its only been 4 days.
Now Im about to take my d'tox plum. my face seems less of an eyesore today, or maybe because i take double the amount of collagen sachets before I go to sleep for 3 days now. dunno, everythings just abit vague. I hope my pimple of a devil will clear up now, Im meeting J.r this thursday!

Day 5

Has it been day 5 already? How time flies lol. well, I had block and burn before my dinner today and it did curb my appetite. I couldn't finish my maggie with egg. Not healthy at all I know, but I was too lazy to cook something healthy.

I feel like my stamina is getting better though. I could run for longer without stopping just now. Im so glad I went for a run, I was a bit lazy to sweat out today lol. But then again, they say, you never regret the workouts u did, only the ones you didn't do.

Losing weight is so damn hard. I remembered a girl that was my exs ex. Although we've had our differences, I still admire how much weight she lost. Hey, anyone who has a weight problem would understand how hard it is. mentally and physically

Day 6 and day 7

I finished all my drinks already. and now let me make a conclusion of it. firstly..was there a significant weight decrease? I cant say because I dont have a scale. All I can comment on is how it makes me feel overall. I did feel less bloated, and doing number 2 was a breeze. The detox gave me a bit of wind but I it didnt do as good as a job as my Fujita Lactose. I fyou really want to detox and clean your guts out throughly, Elkens Fujita Lactose is the best. I t really helps!

Would I buy it again? No. Did I regret it, well..not really, I had to satisfy my curiosity and Im satisfied. For a week maybe I shouldnt expect too much, but, I did all these accompanied with half hour to 50 minutes of exercise. I think I could do without it. I'd like to try their collagen though, my younger sis took hers and I think it did her skin wonders. 

But since I still have my Elken Marino, I think I'll save that for another boring shopping impulse day.

Before my bodyslen  adventure

After my 7 day drink

I know, those tummy needs to go lol.