Friday, July 26, 2013

All too well

I watched 2 korean movie a few days ago. one was my PS partner (phone sex) its a bit x rated, but it really made me laugh. It had kim ah joong in it, and shes a great actress. I loved her in 200 pounds beauty.

You can watch it online here

The other one, temperature of love or very ordinary couple was starred by my fave korean pair, Lee min ki and Kim min hee.

After watching the last one, it made me abit emo I guess. mostly because, the scenes reminded me of how I was with my ex a bit too well.

It toned down my anger, made me see things in a different way. Even almost made me think that maybe one day, we would be civilized enough to be friends. Almost anyway..

You know what I missed about my last relationship? The closeness we shared. I was so comfortable with him. He was my everything I guess. The first and the last person that was on my mind every single day. The person I would talk to about everything. He made me feel like I belong. 

Thats the best part of it. But I cant turn a blind eye on the bitter part. The constant fights, disagreement and insecurities. It fell apart, and I had to admit, I didn't want to save it. 

But no matter how bad it ended, there will be those brief moments where I will reminisce about our fun times together. we were 2 young foolish romantics who thought that love would be enough to make it till the end.
Maybe I'll never have that kind of passion again, but somehow, Im content that at least I knew how it felt to love someone so passionately eventhough it did clouded my judgement. And I think that everyone should feel that passion for someone, at least once in their life. 

I do miss having that kind of closeness, and I do try to find it with the guys I've dated, but I guess Ive reached the point in my life where passion can take a backseat. Not saying that I'll settle, but to love as passionate as I once did is abit too early for now. But its not such a bad thing after all. why? I'll be much much wiser when it comes to love, abit realistic this time. And the next breakup wont have the same impact it had on me like before. It'll hurt, but I doubt its gonna make a mark on my life, it wont change who I'am.

Only time will tell if I'll ever love that way again. Right now, Im just content with what I have. I'm not hoping for anything more for now.

All the love songs are so obvious. Love itself is obvious. You meet, you love, break up, get hurt, and you meet again. I bet people get married because they get tired of repeating those.
— ~ My PS Partner

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