Sunday, August 4, 2013

here we go again..

Hello to good ol Miri again. I was suppose to come back after raya, but oh well, a change of plan. My room seems untouched, I dont think any cleaning was done lol. Not taht Im complaning, my room wasnt left dirty to begin with. A short session of spring cleaning, and my room is as fresh as the mist every breaking dawn. Okay..abit over dramatic. But anyways, its a diffrent kind of feeling being back here. I have new housemates, whom Ive yet to meet. Would it be too much for me to hope for them to be little angels like my 2 housies?

 the card reader was eerily accurate when she talked about him. 2 guys in my life, one is a younger guy and a married man. that baffles me though, I'm the kind of person, who values loyalty in a relationship like a fool. I don't even mess around with pples bf, let alone married men. so here's a reminder to myself


I wanna get another reading next week, its kinda addictive!
I went on a shopping spree today. People were everywhere like ants and I hate crowds. I got a few stuff to try out. I have been shopping for clothes like a mad person for the past month, and the thought of browsing through clothes again makes me nauseous. I bought a pink weighing scale for my place in here. Finally! it was on sale in parkson, just rm24!

I weighed myself and I was 52 kg. hmm..2 day ago, i was 53.4 kg. but its a digital scale back home, and I think its more accurate, so I shouldn't be gleeful about this drop in numbers.

I was scrolling through my photos after I just broke up with him a few days later. I was kinda in a state of shock and numb. eventhough I ended it. I was just abit shaken by how rude and mean he could be. but then I guess, he was like that with his previous exes. so why did I think he would be more civilized this time? Tigers cant change their stripes ..unfortunately.

The good thing about breakups are, it made me numb enough to ignore the demands of my tummy hahaha. I can laugh about it now, but it wasnt something I'd joke about back then. I was emotionally wounded.

 You know, the thing about me is, I tend to treat my blog like an online diary. Lol. I would steer away from the things I initially wanted to write about, and talk about random stuff lol.

 The reason i talked about the issue above was, I realize how 3 kg has affected my body shape. Just 3 kg and I look so chubby now. So today, I went out and bought a scale to keep track of my weight, and I also bough Lennox calorie limit tea, which supposedly blocks the fat from the food I'll binge on during raya. I just had to have some kind of defence for this coming raya lol. Im a shameless glutton when it comes to raya's open house.

And of course, I'll do a review on that. It was on sale for rm27, so I thought why not? I almost wanted to get kitsui collagen drink for rm118 for 2 months supply, but...I think I should step away from those for now.

I left early coz there was just so much people at the mall. And on the bus was this chinese lady with 2 kids that was abit overly friendly. She would just dig into my shopping bags and kept sayaing "banyak duit boleh beli banyak ho?" she was just being a friendly lady, but I think theother teenage girls kinda found her abit intrusive when she asked them if their heels was expensive lol.

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