Monday, August 5, 2013

Lennox calorie Limit Tea review updated

So ..heres another post on stuffs that would aid me on my fat blasting journey. This was on sale on SASA for rm27 for 24 sachets. The original price was rm39..which I dont think I'll get if it was.

Its Lennox calorie limit tea!

 At the back of the box, we have this cute cartoon on who this is perfect for. They forgot to put in "im too lazy to work my ass off extra hard" kind of people..which is me :D hahaha

the sachets is quite small. I thought it was a teabag because of the word green tea lol. Its actually in the form of powder. And let me tell you when it says green tea..I think the persons taste buds was probably dead and gone coz it tasted like smokes ashes.

I had a hard time drinking it and it actually left me abit dizzy for a few minutes. If it intends to curb my cravings, after that drink, I just wanted to gobble down anything to get rid of the aftertaste, Lets hope to God it actually blocked all my omelette and fries just now lol. I should have been strong enough to resist them..but tonight..the victory was in my tummys hands.

I will continue to have them , they are a part of my defence team against the coming raya foods. so i just have to be a big girl and swallow them in 1 go. no more heavy supper for me! Ill update this post after a few days to see if somehow become lighter in numbers.

I love this 2 humans!


I've used up most of the sachets by now. I think I only have about 5 left. So I've consumed about 17 sachets for the past week. I gave away 2 to my sis and my friend to try it out. sometimes, it has an affect on my bowel, and I have to do a number 2 after 2,3 hours.

So has it worked its charm on me?

I weighed myself using my ordinary scale. And it was 51 kg. Now, using my digital and a more accurate scale back home, the last week i weighed myself, i was about 53.6 kg. Now i don't know if i actually lost some weight because of it alone, but I can say this about the product.

I cant completely write it off as being incompetent in what it claims to do, because, I have lost about 1 kg. But then again, I have been working out at least 3x a week, and I have been limiting my calories and taking, a replacement meal for dinner every now and then.

I don't think I'll buy it again because the result isn't as significant as I hoped it would be. It was negligible and abit disappointing. but then again, it satisfied my curiosity lol.

Good thing, I bought it during sales.

So..I think I would do fine without it.
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