Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Befit Garcinia Cambogia

Its been a very long time since my last post. I've decided to keep personal stories off my blog, and maybe just write about random stuffs that i feel I should share with everyone.

Anyway, I've recently gained about 10 pounds, which is around 5 kg hahaha, I take full responsibility for this weight gained, and i do admit, its due to me being at a very happy place right now. I have someone new, someone that I crazily adore, And we're still going strong at 1 year and 5 months.

Anyway, before i stray out of context again, let me just get back to the main issue.

Due to this weight gain, and hearing about a friends personal testimony on how this pills made her lose weight without any form of exercise or diet, I jumped on the wagon too, against my better judgement.

before i go on, heres the pictures of the pills i got online. for Rm45 with shipping, its quite cheap.

I tried to google for Fazz beauty, but the only thing that came out was this slimming product from our Malaysian celebrity Fazura, and I'm pretty sure this isnt one of her product.

 what makes it more deceiving, is the fact that it comes with a code where you can check weather the product is authentic or not. i don't know if its just a gimmick, or a technique to make the product look more legit. 

One odd thing i noticed also, was that on the box it stated that the price for SS IS RM150 and yet people online was selling it for as low as RM35. The supplier that i bought from sold it for Rm40. She sclaims its because its straight from the factory. Hmmm...

I couldn't google anything more about this product to be honest. where its made from, what company is Fazz beauty from. That actually should ring anyone's alarm bells, right?

I took it for 5 days, and sure enough, it actually curbed my insatiable hunger for sweet stuff. On an alarming note, I could actually hear my heartbeat beating much faster than it usually does, which in turn made me constantly anxious eventhough there was nothing to worry about. And my throat felt dry most of the time, I felt like I drank a bucket of water the whole day.

Now, when i checked the bottle, it only states GARCINIA CAMBOGIA as the ingredient. But since I'am well aware of the main drug they used to curb hunger in most illegal slimming pill, SIBUTRAMINE, i decided to google sibutramine and Befit together, and walaaa i get a hit, 

Taken from

I found out that this slimming pill, although with different packaging but with the same name, is actually banned in Singapore for containing 2 dangerous ingredient
Sibutramine was a prescription medicine previously used as an appetite suppressant in the management of obesity and has been banned for sale in Singapore since October 2010 because of safety concerns associated with cardiovascular risks. It may cause serious adverse effects, including high blood pressure, increased heart rate, anxiety, heart attacks and irregular heartbeats.

Phenolphthalein has been used medicinally as a laxative but is no longer in use in Singapore.  Phenolphthalein may cause rashes, abdominal cramps, breathing difficulties, kidney disorders and has been found in animal studies to be associated with cancer.

You can actually read up more on this 2 ingredient from google, and the more i read about them, the more scared I was. I'm definitely not gonna risk my health just for the sake of losing a few pounds.

If you wanna take the risk, and hope that the side effect will spare you, you can always try.


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