Saturday, September 3, 2016

Xenoctil review

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a brief review on Xenoctil, a slimming pill which can be bought at Watson or Guardian for about RM120.

I always wanted to try  Garcinia Cambogia, and since this was one of the main ingredient in Xenoctil, I decided to give it a try to see if the hype about this miracle slimming fruit really lives up to its name.

It contains 60 capsules which i'm suppose to take 2 capsules before my meals, which makes it 4 capsules  a day. but since I rarely eat much in the evening when i'm away from home, I just took 2 a day. At RM 120, it is quite pricey.

For suppressing appetite, i guess it did work for the first few days. But the effect didn't last long. By the time i entered my second week, the suppressing effect was negligible.

I also tried to work out 3x a week. but during this 1 month, i only had time to run about 6x.

after the 1 month ended and i weighed myself, I lost 2kg which isnt that bad since I only took 2 capsules a day. I'm not sure if it was just water weight, but one thing i noticed when i was on it, is that my body felt less bloated, kinda gave me a lighter feeling.

As for the side effects, I didn't notice any which is great. I tried the Befit for only a few days, and I could already feel so uncomfortable. But it does state on the box that the long term effect is not known yet. 

Will I repurchase it again? I would if it was on sale. But not at its full price. This one i got it on sale for RM 98.

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