Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gossip girl s2 e2 - Never been marcused

I watched this episode a week ago, and I've only been able to write it down now..been pretty busy lately with my visa. oh when will it be ready....

Episode 2 starts off where episode 1 left us. Dan and Serena waking up by the beach..but still refuses to admit that they are a couple..when its that obvious that they are sooo gonna make up.

in the next scene, we see Blair riding the bike with her Lord Marcus. she seems infatuated with him although i know its just because of his title ha ha, we all know who ur gonna run to soon Blair :P
While in the cafe, Chuck appears and you can just tell that he's up to something, Blair in the meantime was outside calling Serena telling her how Marcus didn't want her to meet the Duchess..yet. she went back in just in time to pull Chuck away from her Lord...but Chuck has already made plans with the Lord, squash anyone? I seem to forget his name all the time so I'm gonna call him Lord k?
mean while, Dan and Serena keeps on bumping into each other..and while they both try their hardest to distance them self from each the next scene you ain't working
i have to say though, the falling on the lap thing was kinda disturbing for me..i know it looks harmless..but i dunno why i get this weird feeling when i watched it hahahaha.

Nate on the other hand has just been told by his mother that their assets has just been forfeited, he's upset that she didn't tell him this earlier on and walks away when he receives a call from his ''girlfriend''
well lets move on...Blair and Marcus ( ok now i remember) are sitting inside his limo and to get his attention, Blair announces that she's having a welcome home party..which of course is a she quickly texted Dorotha her maid i think to help!
Now we see Some Vanessa..and Dans dad is amazed at her job in transforming their storage space in to a cafe, it looks god though, but i have a feeling that something might happen between theses two..although ..urgh...that would be really weird.. please no!
so skip a few scene, Chuck is playing squash with Marcus..and Marcus is telling him about his step mum..the duchess..which i assume you know who haha. he's afraid of what she will say about him dating Blair. And Chuck saves his number on his phone
Back to Nate now, he's talking to Vanessa about his life problems and Vanessa tries to make him smile when the phone rang..his mother..and she tells him that someone loan them the money..from whom..she wont say..even when Nate insists. Nate decides to leave and says he'll see her tonight as he needs to find Chuck, he says he misses her during the summer and Vanessa relies with an obvious down tone, me too...
So the party is here! The crowds seem bored..and Blair tried desperately to impress Marcus. Out of nowhere she sees Chuck and confronts him, but hello hello..he's not alone. turns out, the duchess is with him and she's not Happy with what Blair had just said about her about too much botox haha. The duchess looks at Blair with disgust and says ''I'm Duchess Beaton ( if i heard her correctly)''
Blair tries to apologize to her but the duchess instead insults her and says that he'll never end up with a lowly Waldorf..and wohhoo who should come in but Nate, so the four of them looks at each other awkwardly.
Nate catches up with Chuck and he's upset that Chuck loan them the money by selling his club/bar, i think what hurts him most is his pride..and he refuses to accept Chucks help
Dan and serena finally realizes that they do want to get back together and started making out beside the lift...seriously people... to much PDA! Nate catches them and was surprise to know that they were back together haha
Well in the final scene, Blair searches for the Duchess to apologize ...maybe..but catches something much much bigger and she screeches '' OH MY F-ING GOD'' which is funny haha..she See's Nate locked in an intimate ehem position with the Duchess..finally!!
she gave the duchess a taste of her own medicine and smiles at Marcus who just walked in, and the Duchess knew she had no choice but to support them.
Dan and his family have their first family dinner after the Summer ends, its nice to see Jenny back to her former self, she was really annoying in the last few episode of season 1.
Back at Serena's house, Blair seems to be staying there for the night, Blair catches up with Chuck and says ''ur plan t0 ruin me totally backfired, turns out Marcus mum is even sicker than you are..''

Blair leaves him coyly and he looks at her with the..''I'm gonna get you next time'' expression which i absolutely go gaga for hahaha!
in the last scene, Vanessa gets a call from Nate saying that he wont be able to come to see her tonight, and she replies..its ok she's tired anyway ( don't we all do that?? cover....up :P) the duchess climbs into the limo and hands Nate the money that he needed, while Vanessa picks up the takeaway...disappointed once again..
We.. my episode 3 has just finished! so im gonna watch it now..oooh Chuck how i adore you :P
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