Saturday, January 24, 2009

A walk to fave....!

I really love the movie a walk to remember. it was a movie that made me love Mandy moore when i previously hated her with passion!! hahaha, it was because of her video clip candy and the way she moved her lips when she sang that struck a nerve in me ahha!

I watched the movie again a few days ago..and it will always be sweet to me haha! I remember in 2002 when i was 17, i was desperate to see the movie..and then i heard that Elroy had it, and so i borrowed it from him. I think it wasn't a good quality cd but it was more than satisfying for me!

in 2003, i finally got a hold of my own vcd! i watched it like a million times hahaha! and when i went to KML, the soundtrack was all that i wanted to listen to day by day by day....

Hmm..maybe that explains why i feel so nostalgic when i listened to it all again. Mainly because it reminded me of Sc N the changes i went through with him, i didnt want to go back to labuan then because it will always be a painful reminder of what happen there.

Anyway, the past is the past and i have since moved on from that drama, i say..every rship that ends need a proper closure ..and that's what we had..and that's also the main reason why we moved on fast after that :P

I made a video clip of that movie too haha :P

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